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18 products for the TikTok Clean Look beauty trend

Of course, Gen Z already has plenty of accolades under their belt (encompassing body positivity, making informal email endorsements a thing, and taking a stand for sanity), but if this generation is going to do one thing, it’s turn everything into aesthetics. From the coastal grandmother to the side-character energy summerand now, the clean-looking TikTok beauty trend – style mavens in their late teens and early twenties know a niche when they see one.

While I’m all for ditching the main character’s energy and Diane Keaton having a way to make all cardigans a highly sought-after purchase, it’s that last cultural moment, the so-called ‘look’. purified”, which gives me pause. It’s a salient trend that has the ability to evolve from a simple hashtag to a full personality trait, and it’s one of the newest aesthetics to succeed outside of TikTok and kick off a new wave of beauty. and makeup.

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What is TikTok’s clean look beauty trend?

In short, it is a natural make-up characterized by glowing skin and slicked back hair. But it’s not just for Gen Z. This trend is my new beauty obsession for ultimate, effortless confidence.

And while “you look so clean” might seem like an odd compliment, as someone who devotes a tremendous amount of time and energy to my skincare routine, the clean-looking TikTok beauty trend has a certain attraction. My blemish-prone skin will no longer be subjected to layers of contour and foundation.

Instead, this skin first approach champions your natural, unique beauty and inspires you to work with what you have to bring out your favorite features.

Picture by michelle nash

Is the clean look easy to recreate?

The appeal of this aesthetic is its accessibility. As a self-proclaimed skincare girl, makeup is not my forte. I prefer to play with my strengths and my time constraints. For me, the TikTok #CleanLook inspires me to improve my look, without changing it completely. It’s a more whimsical approach than my minimal approach to beauty. And whether you want to look put together at the farmer’s market, or you’ve had enough of your contour palette and are looking for a low-maintenance routine, there’s a clean girl in each of us.

While you can probably create a version of this look with the products already in your wardrobe, the rise of shiny, skin-focused routines means there are plenty of clean-looking products just waiting for you. to be explored. Here’s the ins and outs of TikTok’s clean look beauty trend and all the products that will help you achieve it.

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Breaking the TikTok Clean Look beauty trend

#CleanLook or #CleanGirl on TikTok is the latest iteration of the makeup-free makeup look. Instead of the highly contoured (re: complicated) looks of yore, the Clean Look celebrates your natural beauty.

Like most things on TikTok, the trend is an amalgamation of a few previous trends: the archetypal “That Girl” and her slicked-back bun; TikTok’s focus on outsourced skincare routines that actually work; and our collective and constant desire to have glowing summer skin.

Makeup tutorials by TikTok users XO lizah and Eva Rankin were the first to go viral. Then users started embracing this aesthetic to show how universal it can be. Popular makeup designers like @radika.p18, @laurynwill_and @my life went viral by flaunting the look on different skin tones and hair types. Soon, it grew from a fleeting trend into a full-fledged aesthetic. And here I am, obsessed.

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What does it mean to look “clean”?

Obviously anyone can look “clean”. The accessibility of TikTok’s clean-looking beauty trend is what makes it appealing. It is easy to imitate and works on everyone. It’s a way to show off your own natural features, instead of trying to look like everyone else.

Unsurprisingly, the clean look emphasizes skincare. Even more so than most no-makeup makeup routines, this trend prioritizes skin that Actually looks like skin (dropping the idea that you need a full coverage foundation).

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Is the clean trend the same thing as clean beauty?

It makes sense that a generation raised on Glossier pioneered the clean-looking beauty trend on TikTok. It’s full of makeup that doubles as skincare, products you can dab on with your fingers, and emphasizes the dewy, glowy look.

But don’t be fooled. The clean look has nothing to do with clean beauty. However, many flagships do use natural and clean ingredients to promote skin health.

Achieving a clean look won’t make you shell out for expensive products either. While some creators flash their Chanel Glow Brightening Fluid or Dior Lip Oil, other designers like @_keeees_ achieve the look with Ponds Face Cream and drugstore makeup.

More than anything, Clean Girl makeup is simple, breathable and easy to use. These are multi-purpose products galore. It is light coverage. And believe me, it’s about to be your new go-to routine.

Picture by michelle nash

How to Create the TikTok Clean Look Beauty Trend

Start with the skin

Light make-up to enhance your natural features

Also be aware of the health of your hair

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