4 reasons why I love the layout of our house

I like having a closed concept home.

For me, a closed concept home means that (in most cases) there is no direct view from one main living area to the other. The rooms are separated by a wall, a door or an arch. In our house, although there is a view from the entrance to the dining room to living roommost of our main living areas are separate from the others.

I’m often asked about the downsides of living without the direct lines of sight that tend to come with homes built in the last twenty years. In my experience, there are far more reasons to love living in a closed concept home than to dislike it. Really, the only times I would consider a layout that’s a bit more open is when I’m in the kitchen to prepare dinner. When we host, I sometimes get FOMO and don’t want to miss anything with our guests. To counter this, I invite people to come chat with me while I cook.

In today’s post, I share my favorite things about our closed concept home.

4 Reasons I Love Our Closed Concept Home

1. Damage is more easily contained.

A girlfriend recently reminded me of what happened the first time I asked her out for dinner. I let the dogs in through the back door, covered in mud, and a mess quickly ensued. I closed the doors between the kitchen and the rest of the house to contain the mess, cleaned everything up, and then got back to the party pretty quickly. It was something I had gotten so used to that I didn’t think twice about it! It wasn’t until she mentioned it that I realized how helpful the layout is to our family’s lifestyle.

When we have people over, it’s also easier to do last-minute cleaning and maintain a general sense of order since things are less spread out from room to room.

2. It’s easier to have alone time.

Now that the kids are getting a bit older, we can let them play alone more often and Joe and I can spend time alone in separate spaces. Having the rooms divided makes this easier, and I cherish the time I can spend alone in an otherwise busy life.

It should be noted that we live in a bigger house than before. This means that there is naturally more space to spend time apart. However, we tend to use about half the house more often when it’s just our immediate family, so the closed-concept floor plan certainly helps provide some separation.

3. I can design each piece individually.

When you design in an open-concept floor plan, you first and foremost build the design around a cohesive scheme. It takes a bit of skill to figure out how to do this. With our closed-concept spaces, it feels like every room can have its own personality.

Although I consider the overall color palette of the house when designing any given room, I don’t feel the need to be too closely tied to it. This made the process of experimenting with rooms in our main living areas especially fun. You can see the individual personality of different spaces in rooms like the blue bookcase/desk and the green family room.

Closed Concept Home Design: 4 Reasons Why I Love Our Home Layout |  Spirit & Delight

4. It encourages our family to try different activities.

I know from experience that when you have a big big room with a TV, it’s easier to settle into your routines. When it comes to downtime, that often includes the TV. In this house, with separate spaces without television, we are attracted to different activities. The kids will be reading when I’m working in the blue library/office, we’ll be playing games in the living room, and we’ll be doing crafts on the kitchen island.

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