Anthony Hopkins gave Brad Pitt some expert advice on the Fall Legends set

Most of us unnecessarily burden ourselves with so many expectations of how our lives are supposed to unfold; we are constantly looking for more or better. Although this mindset is usually applied to finances, I mean more to quality of life and love. Being content with your circumstances seems contrary to how society wants us to continually want. If something doesn’t go the way you expected, you blame yourself. People are looking for sages, gurus and mantras to ease their burdens, but all you have to do is listen to Anthony Hopkins. brad pitt done, and speaking with Hopkins for magazine interviewhe recalled the advice that helped shape his approach to life:

“‘Adapt.’ It’s one of the first things I heard you say, back in the days of “Legends of the Fall”, when I had the chance. And it always stuck with me. It seems like it be a theme, a guiding principle. ‘F*** this.'”

Yes, the advice is pretty blunt, but why come up with a complicated, flowery way to say something so simple? “F*** it” is all you need. If something is stressing you out, clouding your mind, or keeping you from enjoying your life, just say, “F*** it.” Life is too short not to put aside the things that make your life difficult. Obviously this can’t be considered a substitute for mental health issues that require therapy or medication, but for the mundane things in life that arise that we turn from molehill to mountain, I honestly can’t think of a better mantra. If Brad Pitt still has it a quarter century after first hearing it, it clearly made a difference.

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