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Autonauts is more than just a world-building game. Autonauts is a complex and tasty blend of different flavors. A fun combination of simulation, crafting, building, automation, resource management, production line…the list goes on! A challenging puzzle game: you not only have to figure out how to program bots to perform tasks for you, but also how to best get them to coordinate with each other.

Bots can do everything you can do, only better: from basic repetitive tasks to elaborate sequences. Really, the goal is to make you redundant by creating a fully automated settlement where the bots do everything for you and the people.

Autonauts screenshot

As you build robots from better materials, they get stronger and faster, and you can do so much more with fewer workers. What’s great is that as you unlock blueprints for new parts, you can mix and match them to create so many distinctive Bots, and even dress them up in tops and hats to really make them stand out.

Seeing so many robots busy at work, moving around, giving life to a growing colony, is fascinating, like watching an industrious ant farm.

Autonauts screenshot

Autonauts gives you a safe place to play at your own pace. There is no pressure to perform. You can solve – and cause – problems in your own way and, at your own pace, revisit your established systems and industries to implement more advanced solutions based on what you have learned from first-hand experience or others. actors.

The beauty of Autonauts on console a simplified integration mode: Settlement. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Instead, targeted plans are neatly packaged and presented at every stage.

Autonauts screenshot

Autonauts features two more modes, freer ways to play, where everything you use in Settlement is unlocked – and more! In creative mode, there is no tech tree to follow, which means you can follow your own path to create worlds. Finally, the Free mode is ideal for having an even more relaxed time, since everything is already done and all you have to do is plant it in the world.

Autonauts started life as a simple farming game where you showed basic robots how to do simple farming jobs, but we soon realized we could do so much more with the basic idea. Soon we developed a simple programming language, similar to Scratch. A huge technology tree has grown.

We have a nice Discord server, where all Autonauteers are happy to help, sharing their worlds, programs and experiences. Join Autonauts community here on Discord and Twitter.

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Travel the universe creating colonies on uninhabited planets with the sole purpose of setting worlds in motion through the power of automation. Fresh out of your spaceship, you must harvest sticks and stone and begin your colony-building efforts. Create rudimentary crafting items from blueprints and slowly build a number of worker robots to aid in your endeavors. Teach and train their artificial intelligence with a visual programming language, then have them begin training your colony. Marvel as a planet you have shaped becomes home to a civilization of worker robots, happy to do your bidding! Expand further with the creation of Folk; beings who need your help to survive. Push your worker robots further by introducing fishing, cooking, housing and sewing and help the Folk reach a state of transcendence.

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