Bears’ Justin Fields ‘wants to take control’ of NFL

Bear strategist Justin Fields focused on leading Chicago’s offense heading into its second year as the organization aims to rebound from a 6-11 campaign.

In 12 games as a rookie, Fields threw for 1,870 yards, seven touchdowns and 10 interceptions, while the Bears won just two of the 10 games he started. He found a spark with a wide receiver Darnell Mooneywho caught 81 passes for 1,055 yards and four touchdowns last year.

“He wants to take back the championship” Mooney said of Fields. “He’s already Justin Fields. He wants to be the best quarterback in the league. He took the step to be there. I have incredible faith that he’ll be there, and his success is my success. So, as long He’s fine, I’m fine, we’re all fine.”

Thursdays “The herd“, Joy Taylor reacted to comments from Fields’ teammate and offered some insight into what it would mean for the league if the Bears’ signalman really brings the heat this season.

“I really liked seeing the spark of Justin Fields last year,” Taylor said. “If he can take over the league the way he wants, it will be a different league. I think the NFC North won’t be quite the same as it always has been. … If [Fields] can bring this team back to relevance and win playoff games, he’s going to be legend status, and that would be so much fun for the league. So part of me wants that to happen.

“I hope he continues to develop. I had no doubts about his leadership ability and his ability to go out there and command respect in the dressing room. … I can’t wait to see how he plays this year and how they take a step up.”

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields wants to ‘take control of the league’

Joy Taylor wonders if Fields will step forward in Year 2.

The Bears haven’t had a winning season since 2018 — only their second season above .500 in the last 10 years — but that could change this season with the addition of new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and coach of quarterbacks Andrew Janocko to help guide Fields into his sophomore season.

It looks like Fields has managed to capitalize on his Year 2 potential so far this offseason.

“You just feel it in the band”, tight end Cole Kmet said of Fields in the OTAs. “He doesn’t just repeat the game, he tells you the game, and there’s a difference in that. It gives me confidence as a player on the pitch. He talks to every guy. It’s not just a repeated play, he’s telling us a play, which is a difference.”

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