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Biden drops to just 32% approval in new Civiqs poll

Joe Biden is still down in the polls. The combination of inflation in the form of gas and food prices, coupled with his constant gaffes, is driving his presidency at an alarming rate.

There has not been a president in recent memory who has wasted so much political capital in such a short time.

Will anyone be surprised if Biden’s endorsement falls in the 20s before the November midterms?

The Washington Examiner reports:

TENDENCY : “This level of disconnection with voters is dangerous”

Biden on the rocks: 32% approval, 27% saving

President Joe Biden is fast heading into worst territory ever as people dismiss his handling of the economy – and him.

In two new White House depressing polls today, one put his approval rating at a career low of 32%, and another dismissed the president’s finger pointing at the economy.

Civiqs latest approval rating hit 32%, with 56% disapproving of the president. Even Democrats are expressing frustration, with their approval rating at 69%, the data shows.

At this point in his presidency, Donald Trump was in better shape but also underwater with voters in the same Civiqs poll at 44% approval, 52% disapproval, numbers he has rarely broken.

Recent presidents have all had very low approval ratings below 30%, according to Gallup, but they haven’t stayed there. Biden’s trend line, however, has been steadily declining in the Civiqs survey since May 20, 2021.

How low can Joe go?

He is only 20% approved with independent voters.

He is an absolute disaster as president, and more and more people are seeing him every day.

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