Big Hero 6 will tug at your heart and give you a warm hug

When Hiro uncovers disturbing information about his brother’s death, it sends him into a storm of anger and revenge. He equips Baymax in armor, gathers Tadashi’s friends, and sets out to find the truth. There are robot battles and villains uncovered, but what Hiro really discovers is that Baymax is more than just a robot with a soft body. He’s compassionate, incredibly kind, and reminds Hiro that sometimes, when nothing else helps, love and hugs are much better medicine than revenge. It may sound trite in writing, but it’s a beautiful message.

Grieving is a funny thing. When it hits you, logic sometimes goes out the window. Your friends and family try to comfort you by insisting that you will get over this or that time will heal all wounds, but this can also make you feel put off. It feels like people don’t really know how to deal with your pain, so they come up with mundane things that you supposed say when someone dies. Truth be told, it’s because there’s nothing but you box say to really comfort someone, and he does the best he can.

Tadashi’s friends, who have now become Hiro’s friends, also face grief, and they really help Hiro. But the one that really gets Hiro is Baymax. It’s not something he said To do it better. Healing really comes from Baymax showing Hiro that all his brother wanted to do was help people and improve their lives. It’s strange how humans can hear advice from all our loved ones, but sometimes hearing it from someone you don’t know or don’t expect to hear is when it really sticks.

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