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Ethan Peck explains the ‘burden’ of becoming Star Trek’s Spock

As daunting as the expectations of outside fans can be when an actor is cast in a beloved role, few (if anyone) exert more pressure than the actors themselves. On the other hand, those who are able and willing to remain vulnerable and honest about their emotions — ironic, given the Spock of it all — usually prove a reliable source for insightful answers in interviews.

This certainly applies to Ethan Peck (like us here at /Film discovered by ourselves in the past), a quality he showed again in a recent interview with THR. Inevitably, the actor was asked if he still felt the immense pressure involved in bringing this version of Spock to life:

“It’s a question that I can answer in so many different ways over time because it changes. At first, yes, the weight was almost unbearable, and I wondered if I was going to be a little broken by, “I’m not sure I feel entirely worthy. I’m still becoming Spock in many ways. And you know, now the pressure isn’t as great as it was during” discovery”.

Actors: they are like us! While none of us can possibly put ourselves in the shoes of someone as revered as Leonard Nimoy, it’s easy to understand Peck’s doubt here. But much like the thoughtful character he plays on TV, Peck sums it up best in his own succinct way.

“I think ‘Star Trek’ is such a beautiful burden for all of us and a heavy burden too. It represents something so special for so many people. It’s full of hope, aspiration, inspiration, of curiosity and acceptance. And I think that’s always anecdotal to all the important things going on in the world.”

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