Every Highlander Movie & TV Series Ranked

Drawing inspiration from other adventure-fueled media of the era, “Highlander: The Animated Series” revolves around a society trying to survive after a meteorite collision devastates the Earth. With few humans left, the Immortals take an oath to protect the planet rather than focus on their usual swordplay. When one of the Immortals, Kortan, evolves into a more antagonistic mindset, it’s up to Quentin MacLeod to stop the tyrannical villain from creating more chaos and destruction.

On the face of it, “Highlander: The Animated Series” is silly and acceptable as children’s media. Still, on closer inspection, it’s pretty clear that “Highlander” deserves a more mature approach and better production quality. From lackluster character designs to the equally questionable quality of animation and dialogue, this series is an eyesore, especially when compared to its animated ’90s contemporaries. It also doesn’t help that Quentin (along with his fellow ) is often more annoying than helpful, making episodes a chore to get through. Maybe with the right direction and better production values, “Highlander: The Animated Series” could have been something special. In the end, it does nothing to advance “Highlander” lore or leave a meaningful mark on 1990s animation.

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