Frustrated drivers stranded on a busy road take matters into their own hands and lead protesters out of their way

We’ve all seen those demonstrations where left-wing agitators fill the roads with protesters, block cars and close the streets. But this time, motorists in Rome weren’t just going to sit idly by and let their lives be disrupted by leftist protesters.

How many times have you watched these protests closing the roads and wondered why drivers don’t en masse get out of their cars and start physically dragging the screaming protesters out of their way?

Well, motorists in Rome did just that this month when members of the extremist climate change group Extinction Rebellion infested the Grande Raccordo Alulare – or simply the “Raccordo” – Rome’s main ring road and one of the busiest, such as the United Kingdom Daily mail described it.

Members of the extremist group jumped onto the busy road on Thursday in rows of bodies and carrying banners to protest against hard-line climate change policies, the Daily Mail reported.

For a time, protesters caused traffic slowdowns that went on for miles, using the same road blocking tactics seen around the world, including here. in the USA

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Naturally, there were no policemen in sight.

But, eventually, furious motorists had enough of this nonsense and took matters into their own hands.

Drivers began jumping out of their cars and began physically dragging the meowing protesters off the road to allow traffic to move on, the Daily Mail reported.

Video of the incident shows a furious motorist snatching banners from the hands of protesters who were sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk, then running back towards the line of people and physically ripping them off the road.

Naturally, as soon as they were dragged away, the demonstrators jumped to their feet and returned to their seats in the road.

Yet whenever enough space was made, cars began to squeeze through the rows of protesters.

The dance between furious drivers and disruptive protesters continued for some time until the police finally arrived to stop the protesters from reinfesting the roads.

Eventually, federal police and the city’s branch of special forces caught the troublemakers and arrested them, the Daily Mail reported.

It’s a wonder these unnecessary protests aren’t triggered by angry drivers more often. In fact, it is surprising that in most countries where these disturbances have taken place, motorists simply nodded and allowed the protesters to continue their madness unmolested.

In most cases, protest is an age-old way for people to make their voices heard in democratic nations. And most people – whether in Europe, Israel, Canada or the United States – respect the right to protest.

But sit-ins like this certainly don’t help a cause, that’s for sure. Instead of making people stop and think about the purpose of a protest, it only makes people angry and causes them to despise the protest, the protesters and their cause for the day.

Protesters always walk a fine line between having their cause heard and respected, and their actions evoking the exact opposite response. Especially when they turn to violence.

Fortunately, this particular protest in Rome did not turn violent. But at least one US state has taken steps to ban violent protests.

In 2020, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offers legislation that would impose criminal penalties on anyone who damages property, causes injury or destroys public property during a protest. And that year the bill was passed and signed into law.

Either way, one would expect more drivers to react to such protests, as motorists in Rome have just done. And eventually, someone is going to be seriously injured.

This article originally appeared on The Western newspaper.

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