Heartbreak feels good for another year as Nicole Kidman renews contract with AMC

Kidman’s ad will always hold a special place in our memory having been remembered and brought to light as it was – but for us movie nerds, the legacy of her spot really hinges on the speech she delivers in the segment. The full monologue reads as follows:

“We come to this place for the magic. We come to AMC theaters to laugh, to cry, to care because we all need it. That indescribable feeling we get when the lights start to dim and we let’s go somewhere we’ve never been before. Not just entertained, but somehow reborn together. Dazzling images on a big silver screen. Sound that I can feel. Somehow, grief feels good in a place like this. Our heroes feel like the best part of us and the stories are perfect and powerful because here they are.”

It’s cheesy and heightened when acted out like in the Kidman commercial, but there’s no denying she’s right no matter what theater chain we visit. Going to the movies is like going to church. There’s a reason you’re reading this article on this site right now: you love movies as much as we do, and you probably love the visual experience as much as the images themselves.

Kidman is well aware of the power of movies and how this publicity brings him to the fore. “I can’t tell you why it worked or why it went viral,” she said. QG in March 2022. “But what I can tell you is that the backlash is a direct result of the number of people going back to the cinema to enjoy the movies. And that’s exciting.”

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