Huge 72% Majority of Republicans Think America Has ‘Bad Morals’

A whopping 72% of Republicans believe the United States has “poor moral values,” according to results from Gallup’s recently released Values ​​and Beliefs poll.

The Gallup poll found that a record 50% of all Americans say the United States has poor moral values, and only 1% rated the country’s values ​​as “excellent”.

Gallup reports, “A record 50% of Americans rate the general state of moral values ​​in the United States as ‘poor’ and an additional 37% say it is ‘fairly fair.’ moral values ​​is “excellent” and 12% “good”.

“Although negative views on the nation’s moral values ​​have been the norm throughout Gallup’s 20-year trend, the current low rating is the highest on record by a full percentage point,” the report noted. .

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The pollsters continued, “Republicans’ increasingly negative assessment of the state of moral values ​​is largely responsible for the record low overall rating. At 72%, Republicans’ poor moral values ​​rating is at its highest since the trend began and rising sharply since Trump left office. »

Among Democrats, 36% called our moral values ​​”bad,” 48% called them “right,” and 15% said “excellent or good.”

As for independents, 44% said the nation’s values ​​were poor, 40% said they were fair, and 16% rated them “excellent or good”.

“Not only do Americans feel gloomy about the current state of moral values ​​in the nation, but they are also overwhelmingly pessimistic about the future on the subject, as 78% say morality is deteriorating and only 18% s The latest percentage indicating that moral values ​​are deteriorating is roughly in line with the average of 74% since 2002, but is well above the readings of 67% and 68% from the past two years,” the pollsters noted. .

Respondents overwhelmingly cited “consideration for others” as the top moral dilemma facing the nation. Other issues included racism, lack of faith or religion, sense of entitlement, lack of family structure, abortion and the media.

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