[rotated_ad] If Biden and Pelosi don’t act to protect SCOTUS judges, they’re complicit (VIDEO) -

If Biden and Pelosi don’t act to protect SCOTUS judges, they’re complicit (VIDEO)

After a young man was arrested for attempted murder outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, many people began pointing out that Nancy Pelosi was waving a bill that would protect the families of SCOTUS judges.

On FOX News’ “The Five,” Dana Perino bluntly stated that if Pelosi and Biden don’t take action to address this issue immediately, they are complicit in the threats and whatever is going on.

Perino is absolutely right. Let’s hope the White House is listening.

City hall has details:

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Dana Perino excoriates Democrats for inaction over Kavanaugh conspiracy

“This group Ruth sent us is like the Westboro Baptist Church – except for one thing,” Perino said of a group that posted judges’ home addresses online and staged protests. in their residences. “It is illegal to demonstrate in a judge’s home.”

“So Ruth sent us, they were at his house today, they plan to be there tonight,” Perino continued before giving advice to the Biden administration and other Democrats in Washington with the power to do something thing.

“If I was the United States Attorney General, I would say arrest them all,” she said of the law-breaking protesters at Judge Kavanaugh’s home. “And Biden should say they absolutely have to be prosecuted — you can’t do that — they have to take a stand tonight,” she said. “And if they don’t take a stand tonight, they’re complicit.”

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slowed down this bill that was passed unanimously by the Senate to protect Supreme Court justices,” Perino also noted. The Supreme Court’s Policing Parity Act, a bipartisan effort guided by unanimity in the Senate by John Cornyn (R-TX) and Chris Coons (D-DE) has yet to pass Democrats in bedroom. “Why is she doing this? Perino called for Pelosi’s inaction over the month after the bill passed the upper house. “Speed ​​it up tonight – and if you don’t, you’re complicit.”

Watch the video below:

If Biden and Pelosi don’t act, what can Americans get out of it?

Do they want someone to get killed?

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