[rotated_ad] Jack Harlow considers criticism ‘good for growth’ – Up News Info -

Jack Harlow considers criticism ‘good for growth’ – Up News Info

Jack Harlow is open to criticism of his music.

Following his 2020 breakthrough, the Louisville rapper cemented his status as someone to watch in the entertainment industry with his First Class single and Lil Nas X collaboration, Industry Baby.

But while Jack is delighted that his music has been so well received around the world, he’s also pleased with recent feedback that has been less than flattering.

“I’ve been so validated by the world over the past year and just put on a pedestal and love it. Tasting the opposite, I think is good for my growth,” the 24-year-old told Teen Vogue. “It teaches you not to attach too much importance to one or the other because the world is fickle. But I’m proud to say that my confidence and my thoughts on my trajectory have not been shaken. Many of them came as a big surprise to me, after I heard about them. I managed to do a good job walking away. »

Elsewhere in the chat, Jack noted that he’s seen a change in his sound since he burst onto the scene.

“Some of my previous stuff, since I wasn’t in the position I’m in (now), it was easier to say, ‘Yeah, drag her props. But once up there, it’s a saltier feeling in your mouth. It’s seasonal, I tell you. It’s the fashion,” he added.

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