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How do you spend the first five minutes of your day? In our Wake-up call series, we examine the morning routines of people we admire to inspire our own AM rituals and put our best foot forward. See everything

I heard once Jenna Kucher sharing on his podcast the idea of ​​creating a “Dream 100” list – the 100 people you would most like to connect or work with, if you were to dream really big. After the episode, I quickly started working on my own list, and Jenna herself was included in the top five names I wrote down. So somehow today Wake-up call feels like full-circle manifestation moment at its finest.

If you don’t know Jenna Kutcher yet, I’d like to introduce you to one of your new favorite people on the internet. Jenna is a former business, 9-5 pants, turned photographer turned entrepreneur, and she’s built a business helping others shoot their ideas into reality and thrive in all aspects of life. i love to listen Jenna’s Podcast when I feel exhausted or just stuck in a particular area of ​​activity. She has this way of not only sharing brilliant ideas to help you move forward, but of making it fun and simple, in other words, bringing joy back to running your business.

Over the past two years, Jenna has shared her own journey of recalibrating her practices and priorities while navigating motherhood. Her personal evolution is so relevant that it gives others permission to define success on their own terms, no matter what in life’s changing seasons. His book which has just come out, How are you reallydives deeper into how we can all create a life that makes room for less fuss and more real life. Yes please. Today, we’re heading to Jenna’s home in Northern Minnesota for a personal look at how she herself is thriving, starting with these little ones. daily rituals that make a big difference. Read on for Jenna Kutcher’s morning routine.

How would you describe life as an entrepreneur?

Savage! Lots of twists, turns, pivots and reinventions, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

What has been your greatest learning over the past year?

To continue to trust my instincts! It’s what got me here and it’s what will keep me going down the path that only I can take. After four years of hitting the brakes in my career to focus on family, I’m finally ready to step up a bit, and I’ve tried to embrace that part of me again without thinking too much about it.

Let’s get into your morning routine…

It’s hilarious because even a few months ago my morning routine was literally to sleep until the last possible minute and wake up to my baby monitor (usually exhausted!) Now that we sleep a little more here, that still involves a lot of family, but it also includes yoga, red light therapy, meditation and hot lemon water!

What does a typical day look like for you?

Typical isn’t really a word in my vocabulary, because I feel like no two days are the same as an entrepreneur – which is part of why I love being a founder so much. Every week, I’ll have a recording day, whether it’s for my podcast or my interviews, I’ll write for my own content or blog, I’ll wake my girls up and put them to sleep, and I’ll probably have a spontaneous dance party. I’ll watch my husband at 7:30 p.m. when the kids are sleeping and laughing, because we’re both so exhausted but recognize that “these are the days!”

What time do you wake up and how long do you sleep?

These days it was 6am, and in the form of a 3 year old obsessed with seeing if the sun came out (which is just a reward because my mom said I had done the same as a kid.) We aim to be in bed and asleep by 10 p.m. each night, so I usually clock 8 glorious hours– although I would say 9am would be my sweet spot!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Take a deep breath and acknowledge that it is a gift to wake up to. I am very serious! I wake up by the way – intentional pun – that every day is a blessing!

What morning rituals set you up for success?

Before school ended, my husband dropped off our daughter at 8 a.m., and I stood in front of our Joovv red light and meditated using my Hyperice Core device (it’s helped me a lot with my focus and for a performer, getting results every session is addictive!) Now that we’re all home for the summer, this ritual becomes part of my life every time I can find space, but it’s a sacred part of my day.

I wish I could name a long list of things like lighting a candle and putting on some music, but as I type this I’m sitting next to my 3 year old daughter on a bed while she sorts through her “treasures” with a blanket tucked between us as I try to concentrate.

I don’t believe in balance, I aim for mixing. And while it absolutely adds chaos to my days, I also love the fact that I can do the two things that I love.

On days when I have to do a targeted job, I usually hide in a closet (I’m not kidding!) or sneak into a local office that a contractor lets me use when I need to.

Describe your morning beauty routine from start to finish.

Most mornings I just splash water on my face to cleanse overnight, then use Primaly Pure Everything Vaporizer and if I don’t put on make-up right away, I’ll put a few drops of Clarifying Serum on my skin and do gua-sha!

I recently found an amazing all natural primer and foundation combo from Crunchi that I’m OBSESSIONED with, so as someone who didn’t wear makeup unless I had to, I now wear it every day. Then a little Crunchi Bronzing Powdersome DIME Eyebrow Beauty Gel, Ilia Mascara, and Lipstick. I need a 5 minute makeup routine, so that’s it for me!

What do you eat for breakfast?

I’ve been digging into smoothies lately as I don’t tend to get super hungry, but especially on busy workdays I need to make sure I’m feeding my body well. My daughter also loves smoothies and helping me make them! I usually go for the Daily Harvest Cold Brew and Cocoa smoothie then add Be Well By Kelly Chocolate Protein, Kale, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp flax seeds and this almond and cashew milk which has extra protein. These actually keep me full and they are delicious!

What will we always find in your refrigerator?

Cheese in many forms! My husband is from Wisconsin and we love our cheese. Parmesan, queso, cheddar, string cheese, melted cheese – you name it, we’ve got it!

What are your favorite books?

I’m what they call a voracious reader – I love packing my playlist with a variety of genres just to keep my brain going! A few recent favorites would definitely be Atomic Habits by James Clear, Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and It ends with us by Colleen Hoover.

What’s always on your bedside table?

A canopy humidifier and water — hydration in all its forms, right next to my bed with my Kindle.

What’s your favorite prep soundtrack?

Trevor Hall anything. He’s amazing, relaxing and I love his music (listening to it while I type!)

Do you train in the morning?

Lately I made a rule in our house that if we get up before 7 am we have to move out. I usually do a Peloton yoga class (thanks to Chelsea Jackson Roberts!) I find in this postpartum season, gentle movement and the breath gave life. We have a mat for Coco and I’m going to unroll it next to mine and invite her to join me!

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic, neutral and comfortable – comfort is key.

What is your daily uniform?

It’s wild, I haven’t worn shorts in over a decade due to insecurity with my legs, and now I’m obsessed with shorts and don’t care about cellulite or leg hair. These bike shorts have been repeated for me with any kind of boyfriend t shirt. I’m also a queen mom jeans and one white linen top – I actually share a story about this outfit in my book and how it was part of an important vision I had for my life years ago! I’m classic, right down to my fingertips!

If you had an extra hour every morning, how would you use it?

Frankly? Probably on targeted work! I have ADHD as is, and the chaos of working with children sometimes makes my brain feel like it’s going in a million different directions. Just having an extra hour to focus on work would be how I would take advantage of that time this season. That or more sleep!

What are some things you do every day to live a happier life?

Practice gratitude with my family at dinner every night, tell my daughter 3 things I’m proud of her for, and do a short devotional with my husband before bed.

If you could attribute your success to one thing, what would it be?

Follow my instincts and intuition, let go of things that no longer serve me, and be willing and excited to grow, evolve, and change.

Sentence finishers:

I never leave the house without: my phone.

If there were more hours in the day, I: Read more.

Healthiest morning habit: green juice.

Worst morning habit: scrolling on my phone.

One thing I want to be known for is: that I have always shown myself entirely as myself.

The thing I fear the most: lose the people I love.

When I feel this fear, I: wake up to the fact that I come to love them well.

The book I always recommend: mine. 🙂 How are you, really?

One trait you need to be successful in life is: trust in you and your unique gifts.

Bath or shower? Shower with the kids, and I love my PMD Clean Body Brush!

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