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Juke joins Rogue Company alongside full launch celebration

The Operation: Dawn Update for Rogue Company celebrates an out-of-beta launch with a new Rogue, Battle Pass, ranked draft pick, and exciting events!

Introducing the all new Rogue, Juke! Juke is a brilliant scientist responsible for creating the world’s first true artificial intelligence. A fantasy engineer with multiple doctorates, she found herself working for the weapons company Furmi.62, but after her life’s work was destroyed by Agent Jackal, Umbra, she joined the Rogue Company to find some answers.

“Juke is a shiny new rogue who brings with her tons of cutting-edge tech to change the way you can maneuver and set yourself up on the map as a defender,” says game designer Nick Keogh. “The Juke Boots offer a way to reach heights that were previously unreachable! Your Laser Defense Drones allow you to quickly entrench yourself in a new position, while the Reflector introduces a fun new way to send your opponents cascading towards their disappearance!”

Juke’s laser defense drone can be launched not only on the ground, but also on the walls and the ceiling. This, coupled with his Juke Boots; a modification to his dodge roll that can be used in the air, gives him a unique and versatile playstyle that will allow him plenty of opportunities to outplay other rogues.

Skirmish for new rewards in the post-apocalyptic Wasteland Wilds Battle Pass! Gaining levels in this pass will give you access to many out-of-the-box cosmetics, like the Wasteland Cannon outfit or the new Inferno Positron Mythic weapon skin. Plus, when you purchase the Battle Pass, you also instantly gain the Wasteland Phantom Outfit, Last Stand Wingsuit, and a 1-Hour Account Boost!

Alongside the typical Ranked Season refresh, we’ll also be introducing an overhaul to the Ranking Draft Pick, allowing for picks and bans and providing the ability to have a more “give and take” mindset when it is this phase of the match. These will also come with a separate Ranked Strikeout queue, allowing hardcore fans of the game mode to test their skills in a more competitive environment. These changes are not the end, however. Project Saint updates continue to impact the game, including enabling Human Backfill for the rest of the game modes, gadgets that now have a cooldown similar to Rogue’s abilities, and some number of economy balance changes to Demolition and some Rogues.

To finish, Rogue Company celebrates the end of its beta, fully breaking free in an exhilarating “Out of Beta Bash”. This event will involve four weeks of celebration, including unlocking all rogues for the first week of launch as well as a number of bonuses throughout the event such as increased rogues mastery, more rewards contracts and a fully unlocked arsenal of weapons. Plus, our new Rogue, Juke, will be free at launch to celebrate this milestone even more! Play the Operation: Daybreak update for free on Xbox One X|S! Read the full patch notes for this update here.

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Gear up and jump into Rogue Company, the third-person tactical action shooter that puts the fate of the world in your hands. Defeat the enemy team in objective and action-based game modes with exotic locations, exciting shooters and explosions…lots of explosions. Gather your team and play for FREE now! Jump into high-stakes missions in hotspots around the world. Compete in action-packed 4v4 and 6v6 game modes; control the point in King of the Hill, fight to survive in Strikeout or plant and defuse bombs in Demolition. Looking to be more competitive? Join the ranked queue to show off your skills. Or relax in a limited-time spinning mode. Enter as one of many Rogue Company agents, each with their own unique set of skills, weapons, and gadgets! Fire explosive napalm with Switchblade’s Chaos Launcher, use Saint’s revive drone to save your teammates, or knock the enemy team offline with a Gl1tch hack. Which Rogue and playstyle will you choose? Throughout each match, you’ll earn money to spend in the in-game store. Choose how you approach each round – will you buy a katana to personally tackle your enemies, or the Tyr sniper rifle to shoot them from afar? You can also unlock high-tech gadgets, ranging from Dima’s favorite explosives to disorienting tear gas. Rogue Company is 100% free to play. All Rogues are free to unlock and come with additional free rewards that you can collect just by playing the game. Even better: Rogue Company supports full cross-play and cross-progression, which means you can play with your friends regardless of platform and bring your unlocks wherever you play. Are you ready to save the day, look good and get paid? Download Rogue Company and play for FREE today!

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