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MSNBC ratings plummeted in May

MSNBC’s ratings for May were absolutely terrible.

The far-left network got a boost during the Trump years, but now it’s slipping back into its lackluster stats.

Advertisers are always after key demographics and MSNBC doesn’t.

Their grades haven’t been this bad since 1999.

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FoxNews reports:

MSNBC Flops in May: Network Has Smallest Monthly Audience Since 1999 Among Advertisers’ Coveted Viewers

MSNBC ended May with its lowest monthly audience among advertiser-coveted adults ages 25-54 since November 1999, and its lowest-rated month among primetime demo since May 2004, so that Rachel Maddow’s reduced schedule continues to hurt the network.

“Record ratings dating back to 1999 are almost always a bad sign given that it was a nascent network then and much less pervasive in our body politic,” NewsBusters editor Curtis Houck told Fox. News Digital about MSNBC, launched in 1996.

Houck thinks today’s liberals have several options when looking to “be spoon-fed their talking points,” but MSNBC honchos “have to come up with something unless NBCUniversal just revamps perpetually the deckchairs on their version of the Titanic”.

Viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, considered young enough to change their habits and buy new products or services, but old enough to have disposable income, are the group advertisers primarily seek to reach with ads. MSNBC has struggled to attract viewers to this coveted group since President Biden took office, and the progressive network averaged just 70,000 demo viewers during the month of May, compared to 229,000 for Fox News Channel.

FOX News doesn’t have that problem, of course.

MSNBC still tries to be an anti-Trump resistance TV, but it doesn’t work anymore.

People have evolved.

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