Police kill trespasser trying to break into Alabama elementary school

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On Thursday, police fatally shot a man who was trying to break into an elementary school in Gadsen, Alabama.

The would-be intruder went to several locked doors in an attempt to enter Walnut Park Elementary School before police shot him dead, according to Gadsen City Schools Superintendent Tony Reddick.

And Joe Biden opposes “toughening up schools” in the wake of the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Republicans have proposed measures to strengthen school security such as single entry point, fencing, metal detectors and armed security.

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Joe Biden and the Democrats push back on security proposals because their goal is to ban firearms.

Responding officers engaged the intruder before shooting him dead.

No child was injured.

The identity of the intruder has not been released at the time of this publication.

PA reported:

A person attempting to enter an Alabama elementary school where a summer program was taking place was shot dead by a police officer on Thursday morning, authorities said.

Etowah County Sheriff Jonathon Horton told the Gadsden Times that a police officer from nearby Rainbow City was working as a school resource officer and met the person, got into an altercation and called police. reinforcements, Horton said. At least one other officer responded and the person was shot.

No students were injured, sheriff’s officials said. “All the kids got out” of the building, Reddick said, and most didn’t even realize anything had happened.

“We don’t know what might have happened if these two officers hadn’t reacted the way they did, so we commend them very much,” Reddick said.

Authorities did not immediately release the identity of the person who was killed or any details about the altercation, including whether the deceased person was armed or why they might have tried to enter the school.

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