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Hi everyone, I’m Sébastien Renard, lead writer on A Plague Tale: Requiem. Three years after the first title in the series: A Plague Tale: Innocence, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the evolution of our main characters. In the upcoming sequel, Requiem, Amicia, and Hugo de Rune are at a turning point in their lives.

How have Amicia and Hugo changed since Innocence?

The brother-sister relationship was at the heart of Innocence. Amicia and Hugo didn’t know each other well at the start of the game, and with their survival, their complicated but blossoming affection for each other was on the line. They both try to find their place, Amicia becoming more and more protective of her brother.

The game ends with this existing relationship that the next chapter can build on. The idea for the sequel was to keep these themes alive while introducing new ones, each with their own set of conflicts and emotions.

Requiem introduces a more mature Amicia. She reconciled with her introverted self, and she became more playful and eager to bond with her brother. Our heroes now call for a deeper treatment, which will bring up situations of a new type. Their inner fragilities will be their next challenge.

Threatened by themselves

Hugo’s powers are growing – he will struggle to keep them in check and sometimes they will knock him down. Although they are essential to him to escape dangerous situations, the young boy will have to resist the risk of giving in to his powers.

On Amicia’s side, her combat skills honed in Innocence will backfire. She will have no choice but to take on this role that only she can assume, but she will have to deal with the traumatic emotions that come with it.

Our characters are not superhuman and our two protagonists will pay the price of becoming a hero. Fortunately, they will get help along the way. Unlike the band of fellow misfortunes that Amicia and Hugo formed in the first game, Requiem will introduce new characters, adults with more confidence and experience, who will guide the two brothers in their personal struggles.

Illusory Paradise and Dangerous Encounters

Our heroes will confront their inner conflicts with outer conflicts. First, they will discover a new part of France, Provence, which will offer them new views and sensations, making them believe in a kind of paradise. Unfortunately, the harsh medieval reality inevitably catches up with them and their hopes fade before they get too comfortable.

The roads of Provence are unpredictable and danger is everywhere: bands of mercenaries, ambushes and the ever ruthless nature of their time – to which the simple villagers are no exception. Let’s not forget the rats and the bite, another trauma they will have to continue to deal with as the world crumbles around them. The plague tragically continues to follow them.

Coming out of Innocence: showing initiative

It’s clear that their biggest struggles have to do with Hugo’s powers, and they’ll finally understand what that means.

In the same process, they begin to take the lead in the action. In Innocence, Amicia and Hugo had a passive role in the unfolding of events: with the Inquisition on their heels, they could only react to aggression.

When Requiem begins, no one is after the Runes. This allows them to face adversity head-on. The whispers of an island linked to Hugo’s destiny will take them to other unexpected territories. Amicia and Hugo will have to act to the limits of morality, and their friends of yesterday could be their enemies of tomorrow…

A Plague Tale: Requiem releases October 18, 2022 on PlayStation 5. We can’t wait for you to finally reunite with Amicia and Hugo!

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