The 15 Best Creams for Puffy Eyes in 2022, According to Beauticians

You can see them a mile away when you approach the bathroom mirror. Soon you’re scrambling for your jade scroll and regretting that salty meal the night before. It’s as common a problem as high sodium levels in soy sauce, but luckily the best puffy eye creams can soothe even the most puffy scenarios.

And while everyone gets puffy eyes at some point, the reasons behind them are vast. Good old genetics aside, causes include lack of sleep, allergies, water retention, and eye strain (damn, blue light), but the most common culprit of puffy eyes, according to Joomee songbeautician and deflating guru of the stars, it’s the diet.

We’re not really here to tell people to never engage in a daisy or two, and no matter how prepared you are for a good night’s sleep, your sound machine won’t always do the job. The thing is, no matter how aware we are of puffy eye triggers, things are going to get a little puffy from time to time. You just have to be prepared.

And who better to arm yourself with the perfect anti-puffiness product than the best beauticians? To focus on bringing the best in gaming, we enlisted Transformer Founder Song KAIKA-massageand famed facialist Candace Marino (aka The LA Facialist).

Ahead, we’re breaking down the best puffy eye creams that work for a variety of scenarios. So whether you’re looking for the best drugstore find, an overnight deflator, or a cream that’s best for mature skin, we’ve got your eyes covered.

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What ingredients help reduce bags under the eyes?

Before we get to the best creams for puffy eyes, it helps to know what makes them work so well. Knowledge is power, especially when shopping in the overwhelming aisles of Ulta or Sephora.

Vitamin K

Although not as famous as vitamins A, C or D, both Marino and Song have doubled down on this fat-soluble vitamin (known in the skincare world as phytonadione). “Vitamin K is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps boost blood circulation and is great for moving stagnant fluids that can cause puffiness and dark circles,” adds Marino.


Song added the bruise-healing arnica to his vitamin K recommendation. eyes,” Song explains. “I also use them to treat dark circles.”


Looking for something to cheer you up? caffeine can do the job also topically.

Manual facial massage

It is not an ingredient in itself, but nothing gets the blood flowing like a massage. That being said, the vigorous movements around your eyes don’t seem like something you should dodge. Fortunately, Song offers a useful visual guide.

“The stiffer your tissues become, the less drainage there is, so massage is the most accessible and easiest treatment you can do at home to reduce puffiness,” Song shares. “You can use your hands or your favorite tools, as long as you’re always gentle. Taking a hot shower or jumping in a sauna to boost the body’s metabolism will also help reduce puffiness.

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The best creams for puffy eyes

Marino offers a useful tip to accompany your cream: “In the morning, give yourself a massage under the eyes to stimulate the lymph. Pat around the eye area and massage outward towards the ears and along the neck. Then apply your eye cream.

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