The 5 best paint trends for summer 2022, according to designers

The expert and author of Shining Joy Ingrid Fetell Lee believe we can cultivate more joy in our lives through color. Bold, bright and bright colors. The concept piqued my interest in wellness and my design-loving eye – and there’s no better way to put it into practice than with the best paint trends summer 2022 has to offer.

Fetell Lee’s findings make sense. When you see a wall doused in Moroccan blue or a sunset gold cashmere sweater, don’t you feel your eyes widen? I swear I hold my breath every time I smell hot pink. I set out to apply these mood-boosting findings immediately, so I sought out the expertise of top interior designers and polled them for their favorite and trending picks. Because our homes have such an impact on our well-being. (Then I’ll trade my black summer tank tops for those of shades of coral.) Happy homes and summer days await.

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The best summer 2022 paint trends in store

The forecasts are bright: buttery yellow. Sky blue. Sullen purple. And to keep everything grounded, there’s a continued lean towards the classic, bright white. Here’s what interior designers predict.

Paint trend #1: butter yellow

“I love how this shade can create a neutral base,” says Avery Cox, Founder and Director of Avery Cox Design. She thinks buttery yellow pairs well with more saturated hues like magenta, cobalt and forest greens (especially when these bright colors are used in textiles and accessories). This color provides warmth, exudes happiness and is an easy alternative to white.

Cox Butter Yellow paint choices:

Picture by Belathee Photography

Summer paint trend #2: blues and greens inspired by nature

We are still feeling the effects of the lockdown, and maybe we will for a while. For this reason, Antoinette Arrington, founder of Haume, believes there is a constant urge to bring the outdoors into our homes “through colors that mimic the bright moments of nature”. Arrington says that includes beautiful blues “that remind us of bright summer skies” and natural, muted greens “inspired by the ocean.”

Arrington’s nature-inspired paint choices:

*Honourable Blue Mention: Aleutians by Sherwin Williamsa favorite of designer Amy Youngblood. “It’s a bright blue that’s perfect for summer but still understated enough not to be overwhelming,” says Youngblood.

Summer paint trend n°3: discreet purple

Why doesn’t purple get the design attention it deserves? Anastasia Casey, Founder of IDCO Studio and design camp, believes that this color, reminiscent of violets and grapes, earns a place in the spotlight of summer design. “Once a design faux pas, purple has been given a makeover by fearless designers who aren’t afraid to take risks,” says Casey. “We’ve seen muted purple used everywhere, from kitchens to bathrooms and even main living areas.”

Casey’s Muted Purple Paint Picks:

Picture by jenny sathngam.

Summer paint trend #4: Ocher bronze

Think of the color that occurs when the late July sun sets over a meadow. This is the beautiful bronze Jennifer Walter, owner and lead designer of Design Co Folding Chair, the forecast will be huge this season. She recently used it in a dressing room with an “English country connotation”. The perfect bronze, which Walter describes as “a cousin of the deep sunflower”, is ideal because it is not overpowering. “It envelops the room and catches all the sunlight in the right places.”

Walter bronze-y yellow paint choices:

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Hayley Pannekoecke

Summer paint trend #5: bright white

Sometimes you need the absence of color to appreciate hues. Example: a fresh and bright white is always in style. Karen Wolf, Creative Director of Karen B Wolf Interiors, believes him, because his customers always ask for him. “We use our perennial favorite, Chantilly lace, because it’s a bright, crisp, warm white with no undertones.”

Wolf White Paint Choices:

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