Trump-endorsed AZ Secretary of State nominee Mark Finchem pledges to immediately end participation in Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) during debate

Dr. Kelli Ward (left), Shawnna Bolick (middle), Mark Finchem, Trump Endorsed (right)

The Arizona GOP held its first-ever series of primary debates moderated by AZGOP President Dr. Kelli Ward and sponsored by Turning Point Action on Thursday night.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the Arizona Secretary of State’s debate between state Rep. Shawnna Bolick and the Trump-endorsed state rep. Marc Finchem.

RSBN Live Video: Arizona GOP hosts 6 p.m. Secretary of State primary debate – Trump-endorsed State Rep. Mark Finchem vs. State Rep. Shawnna Bolick

Tickets for Upcoming Arizona Corporation Commission, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Attorney General Debates Available here.

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Last night, Mark Finchem announced that Arizona will join Louisiana in ending the state’s participation in the corrupt ERIC voter roll system when it has regulatory authority from the Secretary of State.

The Gateway Pundit has extensively reported on the ERIC system that is being used across the country, running a left-leaning voter registration campaign disguised as voter roll cleanup.

ERIC Survey Part 2: The largest US counties have removed only ZERO to TWO ineligible voters from their voter rolls in the past 4 years

In January, Louisiana announcement that they would no longer use the ERIC voter list “cleaning” system.

Finchem previously asked the Arizona legislature to also ban the use of ERIC in Arizona, but the bill was not even heard, he says.

Every state must follow Louisiana’s lead and end the ERIC system. Mark Finchem plans to do just that.

Hall: What is the first thing you plan to accomplish when you become Secretary of State?

Finchem: Get us out of ERIC. ERIC is the Electronic Registration Information Center set up by George Soros and his team which was originally designed to help states identify people moving from one state to another. By registering on electoral rolls, by registering vehicles. When you had deceased voters, they were supposed to be in the system so they couldn’t somehow be reassigned to another state. Well, that’s not how it happened. ERIC, once the state joins, retains your information. They closed because you have to sign a contract; they shut down your access to our election information. This is unacceptable. So the first thing we’ll do, in fact, I introduced a bill earlier this year that would force us to pull out of ERIC. Unfortunately, this bill was not heard. So it would have to be something that the secretary of state would have to do. A trustworthy secretary of state will do so under the authority of regulation. By virtue of the power granted to this office not to sign or to sign a service contract. ERIC proved to be very ineffective. In fact, Louisiana opted out of ERIC, and a number of other states are already considering this due to what they found out about how the data was processed and who actually had access to that data. . The second thing I’m going to do is make sure we restore the system service. Right now, the office of the secretary of state serves the party, not the people. But that’s the result of the person in that seat, Katie Hobbs. We will be happy to see her move on. Those are the first two things I would do.

Mark Finchem will abolish this system in Arizona when Radical Soros-funded voter fraudster Katie Hobbs moves on.

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