Why A-Train’s ‘Cure’ Is The Heart Of The Boys Season 3

A-Train’s powers come at a price. He can never sincerely stand up to the ideals he preaches, because he owes these powers (and his life) to a horrible bigot and a fundamentally evil society. He got everything he wanted from the start of the season, but he got it in a way that shows how superficial his intentions were.

Now what does this mean for our boys? Hughie and Butcher also do something good fighting Homelander, but they become exactly what they want to destroy using superpowers that can do a lot of damage. From the very beginning, ‘The Boys’ has argued that superpowers are bad no matter who has them – that just having powers greater than a normal person brings out the worst in people, so it’s better not have any at all. Butcher lost sight of that, and he and Hughie now buy into the mainstream superhero ideology that superpowers are good if used wisely.

Fortunately, season 3 of “The Boys” proves them wrong. As Urban said, actions have consequences, and we see in real time how using Temp V to fight Homelander takes a toll on both of them – first with Butcher leaking strange liquid from his ears and, after the latter episode, with Starlight revealing that test subjects always died after a few days. Butcher and Hughie are at the same point A-Train was at the start of the show: addicted to the powerful benefits of Compound V, but blindsided by both collateral damage and the impact on their own health. The invoice will expire.

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